How to Tell If They Are Falling in Love With You – Based on their Zodiacs

Love’s a complex issue. As much as we want there to be simple signs to know when someone loves us – there are absolutely none. One might give you an extra amount of their time just to listen to the sound of you talk or send you gifts anonymously and you can never be sure if it’s love or something else. There will always be questions and doubts and more questions about that person’s intentions behind these feelings. As much as we want, there is no clear-cut factor to determine them.

That’s where astrology comes. It might not offer you an entire map or guide through someone’s head and heart, to find out what they feel for you and why, based on their zodiac sign. But it does, however, give you an accurate and good enough head start so that it won’t come to looking for a needle in a haystack in matters of love.

Even though every person is not the same, and there are loads of factors to consider when we are talking about the he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not dilemma, there are still basic factors common to everyone based on their zodiac. So here are some of the signs about the zodiac that settle the deal about whether they are falling in love you or if it is something else.

(March 21st to April 19th)

When an Aries is falling in love with you, it might off as a slow and steady yet a slightly upbeat process at the same time so…you will know. They are fierce lovers and their actions will suggest the same to you.

They will basically not miss any chance to be close and all touchy-feely with you, they would express their desire to be best friends with you, they will ask you loads of questions to get to know you better, they will develop a keen interest in whatever interests you – even things they previously found dull and boring – and they will not be afraid or hesitant to make the first move. When they finally do, you’ll know.

Aries know what they want and they make their best efforts to get it, without any tricks or confused messages sent to the other person.

(April 20th to May 21st)

Taurians are a hard nut to crack, as everyone knows well. Their stubbornness does not make them give away their feelings that easily. They will test you first in order to trust you.
They will not miss an opportunity to dine and wine with you but that is not to say they will get on their knees and declare their unconditional love for you right there and then. It is quite the opposite, actually.
They will take their time exploring your personality, your boundaries, what ticks you off, what turns you on and the list goes on. Feeling secure around whom they choose to share their life with is a big deal to a Taurus.

Then they will woo you with their expression of feelings and tell you directly how they feel about you.

Geminis get attached really quickly but instead of keeping their feeling to themselves like most prefer to do, Geminis will talk things out with you, and chat your ear off. They love falling in love and it signifies a deep connection to them – one they respond to very quickly and you will notice it.

For a Gemini, falling in love is like one of those ‘lets stay up all night long and tell each other everything’ romances and as they say, conversations become so much more meaningful in the night, God knows why.

Cancer people are deep lovers but they are cautious too. Above all that, they are very indecisive too, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. That is to say, when fall in love with someone, they look, stare for a long time, become unclear of what they should do, then worry some more and decide at last.

They will go out of their way to make you laugh, take you to fancy restaurants and do the little things that can bring a smile on your face when you least expect it to. When a Cancer is falling in love with you, they would want to be there for you even if you do not know them well enough at that point.

They will want to be your friend and your best friend and your support system, come what may.

A Leo is brave and bold about how they let you know they are falling in love with you. They’re egoistical and when they really start to care for someone, they find it quite natural and inevitable to want to see that person as their own.

It might come off as something clingy to do but they only show such deep care and affection not because they wish to own the one they love but because they want to make their every effort to protect the one they love – as territorial as they are. When a Leo’s falling in love, they tend to be as charismatic as ever; they will dress up nicely, feel pleasant about themselves and life in general and find meaning in things they did not consider worthy before.

But apart from all this, they will want someone with whom they can share all this life they cherish so much. You’ll see their loyalty blooming about them for whatever you say and do when love has taken a hold of them. Materialistic things will not mean much to them, only the happiness and safety of the person they are falling in love with will.

Virgos are basically the worry tarts of the zodiac. They think and over think about how much they think, over analyzing situations more than they should. When they fall in love with someone, it’ll be very hard to notice.

They aren’t easy people to be read and so, even though they’ll be playing it all cool from the outside, there will be a party of emotions on the inside. If you notice the signs, you should ask them because of no matter what, they are kindred souls who consider it against everything they believe in to hurt someone else by lying to them on their face.

There’s a high chance they will just tell you how they feel. They play it cool but deep down they are terrified. Relationships are a serious deal to them, more so than to others. Even though they are hard people to love but once they do, they love intensely and sincerely.

They are extremely organized and goal-oriented.

When it comes to love, they would be perfectly happy with or without it. Therefore, they never settle, and they will only date someone who’s right for them and who treats them with respect.

They tend to make their lovers wait a long time before they agree to a commitment. they have a strong sense of self-worth which would never allow them to approach dating any other way.

When they are in love, their main priority is maintaining peace and harmony in the relationship. they prefer logical conversation and communication.

they are very sexual and fiery person who tends to think with their body before their heart.

Love is everything to them. they are extremely passionate, and their relationships are characterized by drama and aggression.

they can get ahead of themselves, and that’s when their relationships fizzle. This never bothers them much, since they are back in the game before the dust has settled.

they are very stubborn and used to getting their way. they are more suited to calm, level-headed lovers. A Pieces or Cancer would combat their intensity well.

For them, love is an adventure. they are free-spirited and unafraid of anything.

When they fall in love, it is with little inhibition. they tend to just go for it and follow their heart. their high intelligence usually brings them to intelligent partners with an equal taste for travel and new experiences.

they rarely like to stay in one place for very long. they will settle down with someone who never wants to settle down.

they don’t have time for relationships that aren’t going anywhere. they prefer to work toward something — like their future with someone they are sure about — because they are good at seeing the bigger picture.

they take all things in life very seriously and have little patience for lovers who do not do the same. they are family-oriented, are looking to settle down and live a comfortable, happy life.

they love being in love, but they steer clear of crazy passion. they want their partner to be their best friend.

They have a big heart. When they are in love, they give all of their attention and time. their selflessness makes them a wonderful lover. they also want an extreme, hot, passionate, can’t-live-without-it kind of love.

they don’t need to play games; they are all about finding the right person. And when they do, they will never let them go.

they are likable, sweet and resilient. they are also quite sensitive, and every pain cuts to the core. they fear to have their heart broken; above all, they fear not falling in love at all.

When they are in love, an argument with their partner has the ability to ruin their whole day. But one sweet compliment puts them on cloud nine.

they don’t like to upset people and will often compromise their own needs for their lover’s. they have to be careful not to lose sight of themselves.

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