Here Is What The Shape Of Your Butt Tells About Your Health!

A butt is a special and unique gift given to humans and in the case of women, it’s a little special. But do you know that your butt shape also tells something in regard to your health? A butt is a fantastic possession or you can call it an extravagant behind, only if it is maintained well. Hence, health and butt go hand in hand. Some have big butts whereas, some have round, V-shaped, square shape or a heart shape and each one of them tells a story about your health.

However, when women are in question, then it is the buttocks shape that adds an extra appeal to a woman’s beauty, which finally makes men the beneficiaries. So, it’s very crucial to understand what each butt shape tells about one’s health. When you discover the truth, take necessary steps to make sure to get our behinds in the right health and shape.

1. Square-Shaped
A common shape among younger woman, which tells many things. It gives a square box look with the hips and pelvis being in the same width.

This clearly means you have surplus fat and even though you may be exercising daily, your butt muscles are still weak.
To make your muscles strong and into shape, you can do simple core or glute exercises like clamshells, lying side abductions and side lunges.

2. Round-Shaped
This is one shape that is the best among all butts and is widely known as the cherry-shaped or the bubble-butt.

This tells, that there’s a lot of fat stored in the upper portion of the butt muscles, which can be removed easily.

Try and do regular cardio and general butt exercises like basic squats, Bulgarian split squats, and glute bridges.

3. Heart-Shaped
One of the most sought-after buttocks, ideal for bikini models. It is flat at the top, with more volume at the outer-bottom portion of the cheeks.

It tells of removing extra fat for better health before it moves to the mid-section later on. Anyway, a woman loses the extra fat as she ages.
The right kind of exercise is doing single leg squats, straight leg kickbacks, and strength training workouts.

4. V-Shaped
The shoulders are broader than the hips, which are quite curvy and waists are smaller in size.
In order to protect the heart from northward moving fat, which reduces the estrogen level, start exercising to trim down the fat.

Try and do exercises that add muscle bulk to the lower part of the buttocks like kickbacks, froggy glute lifts, and plie.

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