Girls Are Madly In Love With These Secret Things But They Never Tell You

We all have our fantasies which range from creepy to freaky! And, the people we’re talking about include the girls around you, your special one or your would-be. They love to do all kinds of fetishes (in secret) and love to indulge in a manner you cannot even imagine. Surprised?

You’ll be even more surprised when you browse through the following 15 points and become aware of all the dirty things which a girl is dying to do with her significant other. They won’t ever tell you, but it never means that they don’t wish for it. Yes, they want you to spank them, film them and what not.

The cravings are insatiable which are never said out loud (the usual case), do you want to satisfy them? Then check these out!

#1 Filming them

Yes, just like you, they also love to watch action again and again. Especially when they’re in it, never hesitate to initiate because you don’t get if you don’t ask.

#2 Getting tied
Christian and Anastasia had set the bar high and also widened the spectrum of things you ever imagined. There’s pleasure in pain and take my word for it; she’ll jump for it when you bring up the topic of tieing her up tonight.

#3 Accessorize

Have you ever come across a girl who doesn’t like to accessorize? Well, they’re still the same when it comes to kinky stuff. Your gray colored tie will always be a turn-on but those handcuffs will raise the temperature to another level.

#4 Blindfolds

Once, you’ve accomplished those above, don’t let her see what lies ahead. Blindfold her and see the aura will be erotically ‘darker’ than ever (if you know what I mean).

#5 Dirty talk
Let the devil out! They want you to be chivalrous and mannered when you’re out in the open, but when inside a closed door; let your animal out and don’t think of it as obscene because your girl will love it.

#6 Lubes

A commodity which is not only for men. Additionally, she’s itching and wants you to apply for her.

#7 Roleplay

The act of dominant and the submissive is not new now and she would like to live it. Don’t hesitate, your girl secretly wants you to call her names on top of your voice or play doctor-doctor.

#8 Spooning
It’s not all about the hot and sensuous stuff; you know what more arousing is? Your inclination towards intimacy and spending the night spooning. It shows care, and that’s how girls are. She needs you to throw her on the bed and also caress her.

#9 Adult movies

Although, she might love to go to movies with you or watch Netflix together, what she secretly desires is to watch those movies together with you. Yes, it’ll be more fun for them when you’re there to give the company.

#10 Adult toys

From simulators to whips, you name it, and they’ve thought of it. Even tried some but it’s always better when playing it together. What are you waiting for? Go and shop some. Surprise her.

#11 Getting Messy

Girls don’t like their makeup spoiled or well-maintained hair ruined which they’ve to blow dry in the morning. We know how much time it takes for girls to dress up and how difficult it is for them to carry and maintain that sassy look for us guys. Still, take my word, when it comes to getting messy with sauces, cream and cherries; girls will dig it.

#12 Shaving

Face it guys, they don’t grow a beard on faces but still, need the manly things to maintain that bush. They also love to do the job for you guys, just don’t hesitate to bring up the topic.

#13 Striptease

I know, the only thing comes to your mind is a good lap dance with some pole steps. Girls also have similar fantasies and would love to see her man doing such.

#14 Orgies
Girls also like to try a lot of experiments and involving herself in an orgy is one of them. Talk about threes*me, fours*me or some people getting dirty together; your girl will not be hesitant.

#15 Talking

Lastly, your girl also wants to talk with you. A deep serious conversation, facing the realities and confronting them is also as important to her as the other stuff. But, she’s afraid that her man will panic if she starts with anything intense outside of bed. So, what? You being a man can also do so.

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