Four-Minutes-A-Day Exercises Yield Results In Less Than A Month

Want to change your body in just four minutes? You probably believe it sounds too great to be real. Nevertheless, if you find the strength to do plank every day, you ll get a terrific body, plus a considerable boost in endurance and energy.

Although the slab doesn t provide immediate outcomes, its sluggish speed will eventually lead to amazing outcome! All you have to do is to hold the plank for four weeks. Initially, you require to stay in this position for 20 seconds only. Sounds simple, doesn t it? Gradually but gradually, you will increase your endurance till you can do plank for four minutes!

Simply follow this strategy:
Day 1 20 seconds
Day 2 20 seconds
Day 3 30 seconds
Day 4 30 seconds
Day 5 40 seconds
Day 6 Rest
Day 7 45 seconds
Day 8 45 seconds
Day 9 60 seconds
Day 10 One Minute
Day 11 60 seconds
Day 12 90 seconds
Day 13 Rest
Day 14 90 seconds
Day 15 90 seconds
Day 16 120 seconds
Day 17 120 seconds
Day 18 150 seconds
Day 19 Rest
Day 20 150 seconds
Day 21 150 seconds
Day 22 180 seconds
Day 23 180 seconds
Day 24 210 seconds
Day 25 Rest
Day 26 210 seconds
Day 27 240 seconds
Day 28 As long as you can!
The best ways to do plank correctly

While doing this exercise, it s vital to pick the right position.
Here s how it should look: Ensure your hands are positioned correctly. Elbows are straight under the shoulders to make sure appropriate weight distribution.

Spine remains straight. Prevent rounding and excessive pressure on the neck and back. Keep your legs slightly apart. You must feel your thighs.

Change the distance between the legs as required.
Your breathing is slow, and your body is unwinded.

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