With This Drink I Detached My Body Without The Need To Go To A Doctor Thanks To This I Was Allowed

Our body organism is connected, therefore a piece all in addition is affected, and this procedure is clearly seen in our digestive system.

Each of our organs is trained to self-cleanse (so to speak), that is, they are able to take care to keep themselves 100% on their own.

Young woman having stomach ache

However, if we have a day that we know we were unhealthy because we consume foods and drinks that were perhaps harmful to our organism, our bodies will have to correctly carry out their digestive process as they usually do; there is that they begin to appear diseases that can go from “pains of belly” to an organ affected by severe damage.

But calm, because this time we will be presented with a drink capable of cleaning your entire digestive system, especially the colon.


An Apple.
A spoonful of chia seeds.
One tablespoon of flaxseed.
A teaspoon of honey.
A cup of water.

Preparation abd method of use:

The preparation of this drink is extremely easy to perform, the first thing you will have to do is, mix all the ingredients except the chia seeds, all in a blender.

Blend until all the ingredients are the best possible liqueur (obtain a consistent juice and without lumps). Pour this liquefied in a glass and there you will add the remaining chia seeds. To conclude, beat until they expand.

Take this drink in the morning on a fast, before eating any other food, drink plenty of water during the day (at least 7 glasses) and try to carry out a healthy diet rich in fiber to further help your digestive system to process all food in a better way.

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