9 Weird Things That Happens To Your Body When You Kiss

There is no better feeling than kissing the person you love. No matter whether it’s your first kiss or the 50th one, you still feel that adrenaline rush in your body. But there are a lot of things that happen while you kiss someone. There is even a field of study dedicated to this – Philematology, which is the science of kissing. There are a lot of chemical and biological things that happen in your body when you kiss someone.

So we have listed down a few weird things that happen in the body of the people kissing!

1.Stress Level Decreases
The stress hormone, Cortisol decreases when you are kissing someone. In a recent study, it was found that those who participated in the kissing felt stronger pair bonds to their partners.

2.Adrenaline Rush
While kissing a large amount of adrenaline is released n our body. The heart rate increases and blood flow is positively impacted. This helps to increase your energy levels, giving you a boost of positive vibes.

3.Oxytocin Is Released
Oxytoxin is responsible for personal attachments and a benevolent disposition towards relatives. That’s why, often kissing your loved ones, we feel more optimistic, happy and less stressed.

4.Pupils Dilate
We have often noticed that people close their eyes while kissing, it’s because our pupils naturally dilate, making us susceptible to light sensitivity. This occurs because our pupils widen when we feel intense s3xual attraction.

5.Saliva Is There To Help You Assess Potential Mates
The chemical makeup of saliva helps your body decide if the person you’re kissing would produce strong offspring. A recent study done says that man’s saliva contains testosterone making it possible for a woman to access his strength as a potential mate on a molecular level.

6.Calories Are Burnt
According to studies a passionate kiss between two people burns up to 6.4 calories/minute. It’s equal to the same amount of calories burnt while swimming for about 30 mins or running for around 25 mins.

7.Face Muscles Are Toned
When we kiss about 30 muscles are active and are being used. So while kissing the face muscles are being toned preventing them from drooping. So kissing can actually prolong your looks.

8.You Start Looking Young
When you kiss the body releases pheromones. These are the natural chemicals that attract us to one another. When you’re flushing in pheromones, you’re going to seem extra sexy to those around you. You are literally glowing.

9.Attract You To Your Partner
The fact is that for some time after the kiss you cannot stop thinking about your partner still because of dopamine. This hormone is responsible for the addiction and formation of your habits.

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