10 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Making Love According To Girls.

Men can be jerks, and men know it as well as women. However, I partly blame their natural tendencies for that sort of behaviour. Maybe it is the general concept of manhood in a society that makes men think that they can get away with anything or maybe it is their genetic build-up. No matter what the case, if they are made to realize about their short-comings, they will try to make things better and amend their wrong-doings. Hence today we want to make men realize these 10 things they do after sex that make girls go mad. It’s time to learn men!

1.Sleep Separately After Sex
Women love the cuddling thing (most of them) and so the idea of separating bed after sex is not appealing to them. Not only that, they can get offended by this act of going your separate way after obtaining what you wanted. It makes them feel used and disregarded.

2.Running To Washroom
She doesn’t want to get the impression that being with her makes you filthy so don’t run off to take a shower right after.

3.Leaving All Sudden After Having Sex
It would just mean that you left her hanging. She would over-think everything; like maybe she did something wrong or maybe you didn’t enjoy it or whatever. Stay a while.

4.Capturing Bizarre Selfies
Now men have a bad habit and that is they love to boast after having sex. The newest method for that is right-after-sex selfie. Avoid that or you may come off as a loser and a jerk in her eyes.

5.Taking Kids To Sleep Sideways
Whatever this is, its wrong.

6.Calling Or Texting Friends
She wants importance after sex because she just gave you a big favour and she wants to be acknowledged for that. So the way to do that gives her lots of attention and maybe praise her….?

7.Asking About How It Was
It really depends upon the type of girl.

8.Heading To Study Or Work
Again, this makes her feel used and disregarded.

9.Your Partner Will Sleep Just After Making Love
This is not bad if you’re both sleepy or if you cant keep your eyes open. It depends upon the general courtesy that the person is capable of.

10.Just Go To Kitchen For Another Meal
Nope, this is not bad. And girls might even want food even right after.

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