10 Signs A Girl Likes You More Than Just A Friend

Guys think that it’s hard to decipher whether a girl likes them as a friend or there’s more to that. In reality, it’s actually easy to decipher a girl’s feelings toward a guy.

These are the 10 signs that she likes you more than just a friend:

1. Replying to Your Texts Instantly


If she’s not into you, she won’t respond to your text messages instantly. However, if she feels something for you, expect her to answer within a minute or two.

2. Her Pupils Dilate

If her eyes start to dilate while she’s talking to you, she likes you. Our eyes always dilate when we talk to a person we love.

3. Well-Dressed

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If she’s always well-dressed when you call her out for a walk, then she has feelings for you. She dresses well when she has to meet up with you because she wants you to notice her.

4. Mirroring Your Movements

Is she mirrors your movements, then she’s head over heels for you. Both women and men mirror their partners’ moves when they are madly in love.

5. Her Friends and You

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Are her friends nice to you? If so, then she definitely told her friends about you and that is why they like you. Every woman in love wants her friends to become her man’s friends as well.

6. Interest in Your Activities

If she shows interest in your passions and activities, then she’s probably into you. A girl in love with you will want you to teach her how to play basketball, explain her the rules of baseball, etc.

7. Laughing and Smiling Around You

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If she’s all in a good mood and laughing when she’s with you, that’s a telltale sign she likes you. Another telltale sign she’s pretty much into you is if she laughs at your cheesy jokes.

8. She Always Finds a Reason to Talk to You

A girl who is into you will always find a couple of reasons to start a conversation with you. Such a girl will also never miss a chance to send you texts first.

9. The Extra Attention


A woman who loves you will always make you her primary focus. Nothing else will grab her attentions while she is with you.

10. She Touches You

If she touches you every now and then when she’s with you, she wants to tell you by that she likes you. So don’t mind when your girl touches your hair or your back when she’s in your company.

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